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Exelon Logo Review

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Exelon – The energy producer in America

Exelon Corporation is one of the main energy business companies in America. It was established in October 2000 by the merge of both PECO Energy Company in Philadelphia and Unicorn in Chicago. Almost one million inhabitants in America and over one hundred thousand business sector benefit from Exelon energy services. Also Exelon delivers natural gas and electricity to more than six million customers in many areas across the States. Exelon owns about 17 nuclear reactors in 10 nuclear power plants across the states. It merged with Constellation Energy Company in April 2011. Managed by Christopher Crane and headquartered in Chicago, Exelon establishes and performs business activities in 47 states.
Exelon consists of a family of companies merged together and have diverse fields of business lines. Exelon Generation , Constellation , BGE, ComED and PECO sub companies form the whole big parent corporation.

Exelon Logo Design

Exelon Logo

Exelon logo has gone through some changes through a small period of time. Original Exelon logo was designed as the name of the corporation written in blue font with the “E” capitalized and the “o” was the symbol of an electrical switch referencing to energy and electric power of course. The “o” was green to show that corporation is taking environmental issues into consideration. The logo lacked the creativity and was like a cliché for every institution or company related to energy business.

Designed by Futurebrand, Exelon logo design was changed completely. The new logo highlights the name of the corporation in a lighter blue than original one and with a normal “o” lettrer beside a flag like shape of three colors, blue, orange and green. It is noticed that the flag represents the “E” initial of Exelon. It is actually far more creative and it provides the company the branding flag which is every corporation’s dream. The three lines reflect the goal of the company’s commitment to progress, customers and sustainability.

Exelon logo 1

Exelon’s Constellation
business unit had a nice but somehow classy logo. It was like a sun or star inside a blue circle. Exelon Constellation business unit has acquired a new more professional logo typical to the parent, Exelon Company. The idea about having same logo is not common but actually they support each other. In simple words, they market for each other.

Exelon logo new

Plans for the future of energy

Exelon is considered one of the companies that serve clean and low-cost energy sources, with about 55 percent of the energy of nuclear source and 28 percent is natural gas. In the field of investment for facing future environmental challenges, Exelon adopted many researches to find and implement new methodologies to make air cleaner as it has become a critical global issue. Exelon is willing to invest billions of dollars between 2010 and 2015 in the research and development field for innovation of new solutions for global environmental and energy lack challenges using the clean nuclear energy. Moreover, Exelon established a strategy to eliminate 15.7 million metric tons of carbon emissions called “Exelon 2020 ” for cleaning the air.

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